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I’m Here to Help

     It takes courage to have to accept and realize that one needs help. Needing help does not mean a person is weak or incompetent. It means that you eventually realize that YOU MATTER!

     Help can come from many different forms, such as…

     – A FREE 15-minute consultation,

     – FREE resouces and tools to sample,

     – Guided Meditation Audio Recordings,

     – Spiritual Advisory and Coaching,

     – Books and Courses,

     – Custom Recordings, and

     – Education Channeling Blog Post Material and Podcast.

Do you feel or think that you are stuck in life?

Learning how to Master the Upper Rooms is all about getting unstuck and discovering your authentic self. To expand one’s human consciousness from out of the shadows below 200 into Love, Joy, Peace, and Enlightment ranging from the vibrational frequency of 500 to 1,000.

Do you feel stuck in Shame?

Nobody likes to feel shame and humiliation. One’s Christ Spark within is very dim and weak. Shame is the lowest human consciousness thought patterns, behaviors, beliefs, and emotions at the frequency set point of 20.

Do you feel stuck in Guilt?

Guilt is the second lowest human consciousness frequency and vibration at 30. When one is stuck in guilt the emotions and thought patterns can range from blame, want to destroy another person, evil thoughts, and vindictive behaviors towards self, personal property and others.

Do you feel stuck in Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Worry, or Depression?

When one is struggling with these emotions, it is one’s physical and emotional responses from the brain because the brain believes that one is in danger. Learn to free your mind and emotions from any negative patterns and behaviors that might be contributing to these unpleasant thought patterns and emotions stuck at the human consciousness energetic vibrational set point of 100.

Do you feel stuck in Anger, Hate, or Rage?

Anger can be a powerful motivator to inspire a person to become brave or courageous. It can also explode like a volcano and destroy lives and one self. Learn how to comprehend, listen, and learn from your anger by Mastering the Upper Rooms.