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Kerie Logan, CCHT

You Deserve to Feel Alive. I’m Here to Guide You along Your Journey in Life.

My name is Kerie Logan. Since 2010, I have been teaching my clients how to Master the Upper Rooms. The concept is to raise one’s levels of human consciousness around various areas that keep a person stuck. For example, someone can be stuck in anger, disappointment, shame, despair, fear, or guilt. My job is to help you figure out your set point and then walk you through the steps to shift your perspective until you feel a sense of relief. Viewing what is keeping you stuck from a broader or different perspective. This approach can be done in a coaching session or just by listening to one of my meditation audio recordings.

My Background

First, I have been channeling before I realized what I was doing. I channel Tobias. Tobias is from the planet Vega. Vega is the brightest star in the northern constellation of Lyra. The Lyrian race is considered the lion people. I channel and work with Angels, Spirit Guides, Divine Love, and other higher dimensional beings from other worlds and planets. I use my intuition and empath abilities to better support my clients and humanity in living a better life on this planet, we call home.

Since 2002, I have been a Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist. I have been voted the best for Salem, Oregon for the past 14 consecutive years. I am trained in the following areas:

-Hypnotherapy ranging from Addictions to Weight Loss. Over 1,000
  processes and 60 categories.

– NLP, Metaphors, Parts Therapy, and Timeline Therapy

– PTSD, Mental Health, and Trauma Informed

– Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Spiritual Advisor, and Transformational Coach

– Inner Child Therapy, Attachment Styles, EFT, and Imagery

– Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives

 – Author, Blogger, Public Speaker, and Podcast

My Approach & Philosophy

My approach is first to make all my clients feel safe, seen, heard, and understood. All judgment, blame and assumption, are left outside the room. At first, I like to talk to get a feel or sense of my client. Depending upon the client and their level of comfort, I might immediately get insights and guidance from above about their current situation, concerns, fears, self-sabotaging behaviors, and limiting beliefs. Other times, the conversation just needs to flow in order for someone to feel safe and comfortable enough to express their inner most worries and concerns.

What matters most is I always listen to guidance because the guides or Tobias know each person road blocks and struggles in life. I am just the messenger. So in a way, when I connect with a client’s Christ Spark and mine, it is like I am creating a pinhole of light into their shadow world. Just this small pinhole of light can illuminate a room full of complete darkness. Once the dark room has been illuminated, false perceptions, limiting beliefs, and the thought patterns and behaviors are exposed.

This exposure grants me the opportunity to create a shift within the clients consciousness and self-awareness. It allows me the ability to remove the rose color tinted glasses and present the truth coming from a place of compassion, kindness, understanding, forgiveness, and courage. When one is stuck within the shadows below the human consciousness frequency of 200, this person is stuck in survival mode. It is all about the self, disconnection and separation. My goal is to raise this person up out of shame, blame, guilt, despair, grief, fear, anger, and the demanding arrogant small self.

This shift in human consciousness can either happen rapidly, like an instant healing within minutes to free the mind and emotions of years of worry, self-doubt, and frustration. Other times, it can be a healing that takes place over several weeks because the individual needs to rewire their brain DAILY by listening to an guided meditation or custom recording. Removing and deactivating the addictive, limiting, or self-sabotaging behaviors, thought patterns, and beliefs. Because it does take 28 to 35 days to create a new habit, belief, or new way of living, acting, and behaving.

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